Infinite Management Group's President Wins Prestigious Award

Jenna, President of Infinite Management Group, has earned the 2018 Exemplary Manager of the Year Award. She discusses how to use early victories as motivation and mentioned some of the people who helped her achieve recognition.

It’s always an honor to be recognized by one’s peers for a job well done, and Jenna is humbled to accept the Exemplary Manager of the Year Award. In truth, she earned it; within six weeks of Infinite Management Group opening for business, key team members were already in place for promotions. 

This recognition is pleasant, but Jenna isn’t one for resting on her laurels. In fact, having felt the rush of quick success she has set even bigger new goals for the future. She noted that while people are commonly prepared for things to go wrong, they don’t always have a plan for when things go right. However, Jenna feels that being prepped for good things to happen is an important first step in making them happen, and she is sharing that mentality with everyone on Team Infinite Management Group.

She has several mentors and colleagues to thank for this mentality, and for the early success it has brought her as President of Infinite Management Group. Jeff W., Mike L., and Josh R. have been instrumental in Jenna’s career journey – they taught her a lot and are a huge part of why she is thriving in her new role.

How Small Wins Lead to Big Success for the President of Infinite Management Group

One of the traits that Jenna credits for her quick success as President of Infinite Management Group is that she knows how to appreciate small wins. How these are defined varies from person to person, but what’s important is that people acknowledge them for what they are and then use them to fuel bigger wins in the future. 

To do this, she first recommends noticing minor victories for what they are. Whenever someone sticks to an exercise plan, or successfully keeps a houseplant alive, or finishes a book he or she has always meant to read, it’s a small win and should be seen as such. Then, it’s important to establish this newfound mindfulness as a habit, paying attention to the behaviors that lead to more incrementally larger successes. This provides the courage and confidence to take on even bigger challenges in the future.

Jenna is proud of what she and Team Infinite Management Group have accomplished in a relatively short period of time. Using the Exemplary Manager of the Year Award as momentum, she looks forward to even more excitement in 2019. 

About Infinite Management Group: 
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Source: Infinite Management Group